Welcome to IT Whizz

Are you working from home, with little or no access to IT Support?
Are you a "Silver Surfer" who needs a bit of help with their PC or IT?
Or are you just a bit uncertain about how to solve an IT problem?

I provide affordable IT support (as non-technical as I can make it) to
people who do not have IT Support, or are uncertain about their IT
problems and other IT issues.
Most issues are solvable although they can take more time than first thought.

I do not charge by the hour as I prefer to work steadily and
methodically to fix IT problems securely.

Advice and help given on:
What to look for when buying a new PC
How to switch to using Linux (and save yourself money)
How to get more from your computer;
Basic network and printer set-up
Advice on backing up, or erasing, personal data
Protecting your PC from viruses, spam

Reasonable charges and some problems
can be solved over the 'phone - a few exclusions apply
 (available now: leave message on answerphone (020) 8462 3271 (after 'beep'))

11/4/2017 Microsoft to end support for Vista...

If your PC is running Windows Vista then Microsoft will be stopping support on 11/4/2017; the Firefox web browser will also stop updating for both XP and Vista.
Your PC will continue working, although the security will not be guaranteed, so it is worth looking at what you might do now to be ready (see below for suggestions for trying ReactOS or a Linux distro, or version - if you download a version to your PC and write it to a CD or DVD, you will be able to try the system out (you may have to alter your start up settings to run the DVD first) without making any changes).

Latest info on Windows 10...

See the Windows 10 page for further information about the what's happening in the Windows 10 world.

If your PC was still working when XP support ended on 8th April 2014, you may prefer to use one of the Live CD/DVD list of Linux versions to see how you get on with it.
If you are happy using it then you can install Linux on your PC from the running Live version.

Another excellent system, is the ReactOS download, based on previous versions of Windows.
The open-source project started in 1996, as a Windows 95 clone, which was continued in 1998 with the gradual addition of features from later Windows versions.
As of November 2016 ReactOS is considered alpha software (i.e. still in early development); although it is missing some features, many Windows applications are already working with it (e.g. Adobe Reader 6.0, OpenOffice etc).

IT Whizz uses and recommends
                        Linux Mint 19 and Linux Mint Debian
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